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Coconut scrapper

Vacuum Base - holds to any flat surface firmly.Scrap Coconut in few minutes with very less efforts.S..

TK. 450/- Ex Tax: TK. 450/-

Coconut scrapper steel

Specially designed handle for easy rotation Benefits of this Product: The coconut scraper grinds coc..

TK. 450/- Ex Tax: TK. 450/-

Funnel Spiral Slicer

Size: lange 14 cm, Breite 8 cmMaterial: ABS + EdelstahlFarbe: schwarzGewicht: 90gVerpackung: verpack..

TK. 350/- Ex Tax: TK. 350/-

Multi cutter and peeler

Product - No Tears Multi cutter and peelerColour - Available assortedSuitable for Vhilli, Lady Finge..

TK. 390/- Ex Tax: TK. 390/-

Pine apple peeler special

The Avanti Pineapple Peel and Corer will peel, core and slice a fresh pineapple in 30 seco..

TK. 550/- Ex Tax: TK. 550/-


With both serrated and straight blades, the ROTARY Multi-Peeler makes peeling soft fruit and vegetab..

TK. 290/- Ex Tax: TK. 290/-